The My Heritage section invites contributions from you to share images of items that represent your cultural identity or are in some way part of your personal heritage. These could be artefacts, heirlooms, jewellery, textiles, old utensils, tools, furniture, letters, photographs, or any kind of other memorabilia that has been passed down to you in your family which give insight into the wealth of culture that resides in our homes.

This is an initiative towards recognising the value of interesting cultural items which exist within the personal space of a family and whose significance often gets overlooked. This will also serve the purpose of documenting such items and having a digital account of invaluable artefacts of culture that would otherwise be lost over the years.

Guidelines for contributions:

  • You may either provide your name or make anonymous contributions.
  • You may provide a caption (or a small description) that describes the contribution in 50 to 150 words.
  • The contribution could be an image of anything that you think has heritage value or personal cultural significance.