Listing of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lucknow

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The project of INTACH's Lucknow Chapter provides a deep insight into the cultural heritage of Lucknow: the historical significance of Awadh, its language, costumes, food, dance, music, festivals, rituals, art, and craft, etc. Awadh became the most important region of India to witness the fusion of cultural diversity and harmonious coexistence of Persian and Indian cultures, as well as the two main religions of the time: Islam and Hinduism. It was during the Nawabi period that the popularity of paan reached its peak. In Lucknavi culture, even offering the paan to guests was an expression of nazakat. The court of Awadh cannot be imagined without the hukkah-a sign of prestige and richness. Persian and Indian musical instruments informed each other, giving birth to dance and music forms like Kathak, thumri, khayal, qawwalis, ghazals, etc.