Baiga Tribe (Madhya Pradesh)

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Baiga, the 'forest people', are one of the few remaining tribes of India that are yet to completely amalgamate with mainstream society. Categorised as one of India’s primitive tribal groups, they have retained many aspects of their traditions and culture. Today, the largest settlement of the Baiga is in the Baiga Chak, a 100 sq. km area carved out by the British in 1890. The 52 villages spread across the Bajag, Karanjiya and Samnapur blocks of Dindori district constitute the Baiga Chak. However, deep within the confines of the forest, there are villages that remain cut off from even these dirty roads. Being so far removed from civilizaton, these villages have remained largely untouched by the world outside. Thus, a documentation project has been taken up by the ICH Division, INTACH, to record the cultures of the tribe.